Working with Nathan was super validating and I'd recommend it to anyone!  I'm someone who's curious about boudoir photography but not very experienced.  To be frank, I'm painfully self-conscious in front of the camera.  I think I look awkward in pictures and I dress conservatively; so i'm the last person who should be walking into a boudoir studio.  From the first moment Nathan gave me a lot of space to guide the look and feel of the shoot.  He offered regular encouragement and gently guided me to tweak little things, so by the end I felt like a model.  When he showed me the pictures, I barely recognized the sexy minx that he managed to draw out of me.  If you are curious about taking these types of photos but don't think you're the right type of person to do it, Nathan will change your mind.  Proof is in the pics! 
- KIra S, client

"I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Nathan. I have never liked getting my picture taken and I walked out of there feeling like a million dollars--he helped me access this side of me I didn't know I had. I am always floored with the finished results. I highly recommend a session with Nathan to everyone ...  you get the finished photos back and it actually looks like yourself. It's amazing. I feel like a lot of others experiences have been getting photos back and thinking 'that's me but a way edited version of me.' I get mine back and I'm like 'oh, that's actually what I look like.' Makes you see yourself differently."
-- Kristen A., client

"His photos often need almost no digital correction in order to look really great. He's my favorite for shoots for our posters and promotional materials. His portraits of me always seem more authentically me than many other photographers. Nathan knows how to capture the genuine moment."
-- Annie A-Bomb, Director of The Cabaret Administration

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